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The QUEUE Project

The Queue Project -  Mr. Don Teolis, MPA, Dr. Nori Hahn, and Mr. Malvolio Thomas, M.Ed began work on the Queue project in 2009  Programs based on the Queue Project are geared mainly toward individuals facing "out of the ordinary" impediments in their lives, such as is the case with special needs individuals and ex-offenders.

Queue based programs are becoming available at selected locations and are helping many individuals to find success in the allied healthcare fields.  "We are proud to have partnered with Exam Prep Now"…"Exam Prep Now is dedicated to helping individuals find the right career path...and so are we", says Don Teolis.

The Queue project continues to work diligently toward acquiring new affiliate schools and organizations that are willing to go the extra mile in helping those who need it most by sharing the cost obligation through lower tuitions.  Don Teolis continues to solicit the help of those organizations who share the enthusiasm of Queue and are willing to make a commitment to the cause.

Don Teolis plays a role in a number of other organizations but sees The Queue Project as one of the most meaningful and rewarding.  “It’s great to see the tides turned in favor of those who face the greatest challenges”…”and to be a part of making it happen”.


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